Do Mukhi / Two faced Rudraksha – Lab Certified

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  • Purpose:
    To improve relations with family, ward off malefic effects of Moon
  • DivyaVidya Guarantee:
    100% Genuine, Lab Certified and Authentic
  • Divine Connection:
    Ardhanareshwar, Moon
  • Add-On Facilities:
    A loop on both sides and black thread for easy wear, Lab Certificate


Do Mukhi/Two Faced Rudraksha – Lab Certified
The Do Mukhi Rudraksha signifies Arthanareshwar, or the unified form of Shiv and Parvati. It aids in the strengthening of love and affection-based relationships. Do mukhi rudraksha, known for its mystical properties, is supposed to contain all of the cosmos’ secrets and powers. Many people believe that only the most lucky possess this Rudraksha, which is said to protect against the harmful effects of the Moon in a person’s horoscope. A Do Mukhi Rudraksha is oval in shape and might assist restore domestic harmony. It aids in the treatment of disorders with fluid balance in our bodies, as well as difficulties with the left eye. The Rudraksha is especially beneficial for Vaishnavaites, who believe it a sign of Lord Vishnu.

To maximize its benefits, a Do Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn on a red thread. Chanting the mantra “om namah shaktihi namah” will assist maximize the benefits. Order now to see happier days return.

Note: The product has a loop on both sides and a black thread attached for simple wear.

Rudraksha originated in India.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Q1: What are Rudraksha Beads? Are your items laboratory-certified?
Rudraksha beads are the seeds derived from the rudraksha fruit. Sumatra, Java, Bali, Jaya, Nepal, and Indonesia are the most common locations for this tree. DivyaVidya sells 14 different types of Rudraksha beads and one Rudraksha mala, with every other piece being lab-certified by Astro Gems & Labs (for Ek-Mukhi Rudraksha) and S.S Gems & Rudraksh Research Centre (for other beads). Buyers receive a certificate along with the product, which includes the kind, color, shape, mount, comments, and weight.

Q2: Who is eligible to wear Rudrakshas?
Wearing rudraksha beads is not restricted by caste, religion, creed, or age, since they are widely used to wash away sins and miseries from one’s life. As a result, there is no doubt that anyone can order any variety of Rudraksha beads from us. The wearer must think positively and wear it for 12-14 hours per day in order to preserve its energy. In order to reap the full advantages of the Rudraksha beads, it is also recommended that you avoid tamasic meals such as meat and alcohol. Before wearing the beads, check with our astrologer to clear any doubts.

Q3. Are there any side effects of Rudraksha?
There are no negative repercussions from wearing Rudraksha beads, however they must be worn in accordance with their qualities, laws, and regulations. It is worn to ward off malevolent spirits and negativity from one’s life and develop a fearless and courageous mentality. Rudraksha is thought to have dipolar, inductive, and biomagnetic qualities that absorb energies from the environment and body and turn them into pleasant vibes. According to Astrology, Rudraksha is directly tied to and regulates all nine planets (Navagraha). Anything that is a part of Lord Shiva will never damage a human being.

Q4. Is it possible to wear multiple Mukhis in a single mala or bracelet?
Yes, you can wear a stunning combination of rudrakshas in a single mala or bracelet. Various Siddh Malas feature 1-14 or 1-21 Mukhi Rudraksha stitched in a single mala. It provides a mastered advantage because its effects are noticeable immediately. DivyaVidya offers genuine, lab-certified, and authentic Rudraksha bracelet/mala at a reasonable price. Unlike the many counterfeit Rudraksha malas and bracelets on the market, we deliver a 100% authentic and authorized product. There is no risk of illness or negative outcomes, as this is said to be Lord Shiva’s direct blessing.

Q5. Can I return the Rudraksha if I don’t like the quality?
Of course, you can. It is entirely up to you whether or not to keep the merchandise. Every Rudraksha comes in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, weights, and varieties, which might confuse anyone at any time. In such a circumstance, you can contact our customer service representatives, who will answer your questions and explain our return policy. If you are not happy with our goods, you can return it within two working days. All you need to do is give us with the appropriate purchasing information. Ensure that the product is in its original state when delivered, including with its paperwork.

Q6. What is unique about your Rudraksha bead(s)?
You can buy any mukhi rudraksha from any merchant for a given amount, but the quality and credibility cannot be guaranteed. With DivyaVidya as your vendor, you may invest in genuine, high-quality products at a fair price. Along with the goods, we provide an eye-catching packaging, a comprehensive brochure outlining the product’s significance, wearing process, and benefits, and a certification card guaranteeing our authenticity. We are well-known throughout India for our quality, and our consumers have come to trust us.


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