Healing Bath Salt: Restore And Rejuvenate

Item Code: BS128.

It Can Contribute To Greater Overall Health.

It Can Help To Clear Obstructions That Are Creating Health Problems.

It Can Assist To Calm The Mind, Body, And Soul.

It Can Help With Aches And Pains, As Well As Muscle Relief.

It Can Help Rejuvenate The Skin And Relax Fatigued Muscles.


Transform Your Bath Into A Sanctuary Of Restoration With Our Healing Bath Salt. This Unique Blend Of Mineral-rich Salts, Soothing Essential Oils, And Natural Botanicals Is Designed To Promote Physical And Emotional Healing. Relieve Stress, Ease Muscle Tension, And Detoxify Your Body As The Calming Aromas Create A Serene Atmosphere. Perfect For Anyone Seeking A Rejuvenating Escape, Our Healing Bath Salt Offers A Holistic Approach To Wellness And Relaxation.


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