Hematite with Pendant Bracelet Natural Gemstone

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  • Objective:Repairs, strengthens, and regulates the blood flow, hence assisting with blood diseases such as anemia along with treating leg cramps, anxiety, and sleeplessness.
  • DivyaVidya Guarantee:100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic.
  • Divine Connection:For Mangal Puja.
  • Add-On Facilities:The package includes 1 pc Hematite Bracelet and Ganga Jal.


Hematite and Pendant Bracelet Natural Gemstone
The bracelet, which includes a unique pendant made of Hematite, is extremely good for encouraging body healing by cleansing the blood and improving circulation. It is a crucial part of your healing crystal toolset. Use the warm and invigorating energy of this bracelet to energize a sluggish nervous system and your energy centers, giving you a fresh sense of strength. Hematite has the potential to absorb negative energy and provide a calming effect during times of tension or anxiety. Hematite’s defensive characteristics make it an effective grounding tool in a variety of situations. It is especially helpful when working with the Root Chakra, helping to turn negative energy into a more positive and uplifting vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Q1. What is a mala?
A mala is a garland made up of 108 beads strung together with one guru bead on a thread. It is commonly used to recite a mantra 108 times and meditate. Wearing a mala allows you to focus on positive energies and puts your mind at ease. It is created from a variety of elements, including Rudrakshas, gemstones, crystals, woods, seeds, and much more. DivyaVidya provides highest quality at the best cost. You can wear the malas provided by us at any moment to achieve quiet, tranquility, and peace.

Q2: Can I wear my Mala all the time?
As instructed, wear the proper mala on auspicious muhurats and for the most of the time, but avoid wearing it when drinking alcohol or meat and getting it wet. It is thought that a mala absorbs energy and vibes from its surroundings and transfers them to the wearer. Mala is a spiritual tool used to meditate and connect with the One. As a result, wearing it increases your chances of attracting positive energies and focusing your attention in the proper way.

Q3. Is there a technique or regulations for storing my Mala when I’m not wearing it?
Mala, being a sacred item, must be placed near a sanctified area such as a temple, on its altar, or in any notable location alongside other artifacts. The mala should not be disrespected or thrown out anywhere. If you cannot locate a suitable location, hang or keep it at the back of your bed and do not forget about it. Keep the area clean and neat, and away from dogs and youngsters. Purchase a soft, lovely piece of cloth and keep it inside whenever you take it off. On the contrary, the more you wear the mala, the more it charges up and becomes energized.

Q4: Can I return the Mala if I am not satisfied?
Sure. At DivyaVidya, we endeavor to provide the best services and products possible while also obtaining satisfied outcomes. Our “Mala” product category includes a wide range of strung threads in a variety of materials, weights, colors, and applications. If any of our products do not match your requirements, you can return them to us within two working days. Contact our customer service representatives and provide them with your Order ID and reason for returning. Please see our return policy for more information.

Q5. What makes the Mala on your website unique?
DivyaVidya’s website claims high-quality, verified items with excellent outcomes. Our Malas are investigated from every viewpoint, including the material used, the colors available, and the processes used to cleanse them. We also offer our customers a tiny bottle of Gangajal (if available) to purify the mala in the packing. Our goods are well-known around the country for their authenticity and ability to produce the required effects.

Q6. What is the significance of Mala’s 108 beads?
One can count 108 times while chanting mantras on a Mala and remain focused, relaxed, and at peace. Nine planets lead 12 zodiac signs, which are made up of 27 nakshatras. According to Vedic Astrology, each nakshatra is subdivided into four further sections, or charans, for a total of 108. As a result, when someone chants mantras on a mala, they cover the entire cosmos. There are three types of malas: 27, 54, and 108 beads.


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