Mystic Waters: Divination Bath Salts

Item Code: BS70225.

It Can Help You Gain More Clairvoyance Power.

It Can Improve Clarity And Reception Of Divine Guidance.

It Can Aid In The Discovery Of Profound Answers Through The Use Of Various Divination Techniques.

It Can Aid In The Development Of A Stronger Connection With Divination Tools. It Can Assist The Spiritual Intuition Develop.


Unlock Your Intuition With Our Divination Bath Salt. This Mystical Blend Of Mineral-rich Salts, Enchanting Essential Oils, And Sacred Botanicals Is Crafted To Enhance Your Psychic Abilities And Spiritual Insight. Infused With Lavender And Mugwort, It Creates A Soothing And Magical Bathing Experience, Perfect For Meditation And Divinatory Practices. Elevate Your Spiritual Rituals With Our Divination Bath Salt, Transforming Your Bath Into A Gateway To Higher Wisdom.


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