DivyaVidya Abhimantrit Dus Mukhi Rudraksha Mala (108 Beads)

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  • Purpose:
    This Rudraksha Mala helps with personality, fame, social, credit, political power, family development, and health.
  • DivyaVidya  Guarantee:
    100% Genuine and Authentic
  • Divine Connection:
    Lord Kartikeya, Lord Vishnu
  • Origin:


Rudraksha Mala (108 beads) for Dus Mukhi
Rudraksha that is Original and Lab-Certified is provided by DivyaVidya Lord Kartikeya, the six-headed son of Lord Shiva and the embodiment of the senses, rules over the Ten Face (Dus-Mukhi) Rudraksha. Being the warrior, Lord Kartikeya possesses fearlessness, swift reflexes, and absolute command. Lord Kartikeya’s attributes are bestowed upon the rudraksha.
Wearing a ten-face Rudraksha mala is said to enhance one’s reputation and prestige and to ensure that all tasks are completed. People who frequently experience anxiety and insomnia can find considerable relief by wearing this mala. Wearing a ten-face Rudraksha mala brings success to the wearer if any planet in their horoscope is generating problems. Other than this, its usage is also thought to be beneficial for driving out spirits and bad energy.
Ways to wear a Rudraksha mala with ten faces? Wearing this mala during Hora on Thursday is recommended. Initially, sanctify the Mala by cleaning it with cow urine, curd, raw milk, honey, and Gangajal. Next, 108 times recite the Om Namah Shivaya mantra while offering Lord Shiva sandalwood, Bel Patra, and red flowers. Wear the garland by displaying the incense sticks after chanting. Remember that the face of the Rudraksha Mala should face either north or east when wearing it.
This Rudraksha is of superior quality and comes from a reputable religious brand. A Ten-Face (Dus-Mukhi) Rudraksha Mala with its Lab Certificate, Ganga Jal, and Thread are included in the bundle.

Commonly Asked Questions
Q1. What is meant by a Mala?
A mala is a garland consisting of one guru bead strung on 108 other beads in a thread. It is frequently used for meditation and 108-mantra reciting. Wearing a mala calms your thoughts and assists you in concentrating on the good energy. It is constructed from a variety of elements, including wood, seeds, gemstones, crystals, rudraksha, and many more. You can obtain the greatest pricing and highest quality at DivyaVidya. You can achieve peace, tranquility, and calmness at any time by wearing the malas that we have provided.

Question 2: Can I wear my Mala all the time?
As advised, attempt to wear the appropriate mala most of the time during an auspicious muhurat; however, do not wear it when consuming meat or alcohol or when it will get wet. It is thought that a mala absorbs energy and vibrations from its environment and transfers them to the wearer. Mala is well known for being a spiritual tool used for connecting to the One during meditation. You will therefore be more likely to attract good energy and sharpen your focus if you wear it.

Q3. How do I store my Mala while I’m not using it? Are there any guidelines or procedures?
A mala is a sacred object that should be put at its altar, next to a temple, or in any other prominent location where it is likely to be found among other sacred objects. The mala is not to be disregarded or thrown away. If you are unable to choose a suitable location, hang or keep it behind your bed and remember to take care of it. Keep youngsters and dogs away from the area and keep it clean and organized. Invest in a beautiful, soft cloth and keep it inside each time you remove it. Conversely, the more you wear the mala, the more energized and charged it becomes.

Q4. If I’m not happy, can I return the Mala?
Yes. At DivyaVidya our goal is to achieve positive outcomes by offering the greatest services and products without any flaws. Stringed threads come in a variety of sorts, materials, weights, colors, and purposes under our “Mala” product category. You can return any item we sell to us within two working days if it doesn’t fit your needs. Give our customer care executives your Order ID and the explanation for your return when you get in touch with them. For additional details, view our return policy.

Q5. What distinguishes the unique Mala on your website?
On their website, DivyaVidya guarantees to provide premium, verified products together with pleasing outcomes. Every aspect of our malas, including the material used, the color offered, and the purification techniques, are scrutinized. To purify the mala in the package, we also provide our customers a small bottle of Gangajal, if it is available. Across the country, our goods are renowned for their authenticity and ability to provide the intended outcomes.

Question6: What does the Mala’s 108 beads mean?
When reciting mantras on a mala, one can count to 108 and maintain concentration, calmness, and serenity. Twelve zodiac signs are led by nine planets, and each sign is made up of 27 nakshatras. Every nakshatra has four subdivided sections, or charans, which adds up to 108 in Vedic Astrology. Therefore, a person who sings mantras on a mala covers the entire cosmos. There are three types of malas: the 27, 54, and 108-bead varieties.



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